Saturday, November 20, 2010


If anyone knows Tom, you know that he is obsessive about likes hockey.  From the time the ultrasound showed "boy!" you know he's been dreaming of the day his own son could be up on skates.  So, when the opportunity to enroll in a learn to skate program arose-we grabbed it.

and so the day came, the son of Hendricks would take to the ice for the very first time

learning the ropes

a father beaming with pride
and take to the ice he has....this is a boy with no fear.  This is a boy who will pop right back up on his feet after a fall.  A boy who at 4 years old, and after just two short lessons, can make it from one blue line to the other and remain upright.  And he LOVES it.

oh-hip checking is next week?  my bad.
I got this


And it only took 45 short minutes of breathing in the rink air before Tom was digging out his equipment and lacing up his skates.  Like father like son (and like son like father)  The legacy continues...


  1. Love it! I want Reid to play so badly but Brian is a varsity football coach, I don't see hockey in our future, unless Grace plays :)